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Membership is open to any organization whose purpose is that of advancing the cause of fire safety and who meets certain criteria. Only one organization can represent a given country.

Any organization that feels it satisfies the criteria for membership in the CFPA-I (see Bylaws-Article 2) and who wishes to apply for membership, should submit an application to the International Chair/Secretariat. The application should include full details of intention, formal registration, along with a copy of the Articles of Association, and supporting evidence demonstrating compliance with the membership criteria. Once a completed application (PDF, 29 KB) is received, it will be referred to the Executive Committee for recommendation to the General Assembly for approval. The applicant will be notified in writing of the results of the ballot. If the application is rejected for failure to satisfy a given criteria, the applicant will be advised of necessary corrective measures.

Benefits of membership

Benefits of membership in the CFPA-I are numerous including the opportunity to interact with leaders in the fire protection community from around the world, the privilege of exchanging information with prominent fire organizations that hold high positions of respect, the ability to participate in advanced technical fire safety forums, and the honor of being able to identify with an internationally recognized fire safety organization. Membership also provides an expanded horizon of contacts for fire data and statistics as well as information on acknowledged technical resources on any given research topic.