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About CFPA International

The purpose of CFPA-I is to promote fire safety through fire protection and fire and loss prevention on an international level.

The Confederation of Fire Protection Associations-International (CFPA-I), is a body of leading fire protection organizations from around the world that have joined forces to collectively direct their resources at reducing the global fire problem and increasing life safety. Nine (9) fire protection association executives got together at an International Fire Conference in London in 1965, which resulted in the formation of the Conference of Fire Protection Associations. It was later renamed to its present the Confederation of Fire Protection Association International – CFPA-I. By sharing experience, research, technical know-how, and fire statistics, the group aims to maximize the effectiveness of fire prevention and protection and foster improved international fire safety codes and standards. The CFPA-I meets every three years at which time some of the more challenging global fire problems are debated.  These sessions provide an opportunity to share advanced research and developments that have taken place in specific problem areas. Significant advances have been made in recent years in fire safety and the CFPA-I have provided an exceptional forum to disseminate this knowledge. CFPA-I is an assembly of authoritative, knowledgeable organizations that have made impressive contributions in the field.

Read the bylaws (PDF, 220 KB).